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अभी कॉल करे अगर आप अपनी कोई भी सट्टे मटके की गेम हमारी वेबसाइट में लगवाना चागते हो या अपनी गेम बेच कर पैसा कमाना चाहते हो, और साथ ही अपनी गेम को मैनेज करने के लिए एडमिन पैनल लें
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यह साइट सिर्फ और सिर्फ मनोरंजन के लिए बनाई गई है । यह साइट सट्टे से जुड़ी किसी भी गतिविधि को बढ़ावा नहीं देती । सट्टा और जुआं जिस देश या राज्य में प्रतिबंधित है वहां के लोग हमारी साइट को ब्लॉक कर दें | किसी भी लाभ या हानि के लिए आप खुद जिम्मदार होंगे ।

गली हो या हो देसवार गाज़ियाबाद हो या हो फरीदाबाद लाखो का नुकसान हो या कामना हो ज्यादा पैसा गेम सिंगल {{ 1 }} जोड़ी में जो होगी 100% पास देश के ही नही विदेश में बैठ कर भी लोग हमसे कमा रहे है अभी व्हाट्सएप मैसेज करे और अपना लकी गेम ले कर बदल डाले अपनी किस्मत |



July 02 2022, 00:54 AM
हा भाई यही आती हे सबसे पहले खबर रूको और देखो

!फरीदाबाद!गली! दिसावर!गाजियाबाद!💰

अभी तक जिन भाइयों के साथ धोखा फ्रॉड हुआ है आज वह अपने भाई के पास आइए और अपनी तकदीर पलट के %10001% सिंगल गेम में होगा गेम पास फुल गारंटी के साथ अपना लॉस कवर करें यहां बोलता नहीं करके दिखाता हूं सिंगल शॉट में गेम पास कर आता हूं आपका अपना भाई




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फरीदाबाद ओर गाज़ियाबाद की 10 से 12 जोड़ी जो 1001% पास होगी खाईवालों को लूट लो । गेम पास होने के बाद फीस जमा करानी है केवल ₹1000/- रुपए । गेम लेने के लिए इसी नंबर पे मैसेज करे

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All About Satta king

Lottery is a prize/reward oriented game in which numbers are drawn arbitrarily. Satta King is also a type of lottery game whose eventual winner is crowned with the title of Satta King. In simple words, it is a sort of gambling in which betters bet on any of the number from 00 to 99 and the resulting number determines the winner of the game. The word “Satta Matka” is derived from Hindi language in which “ Satta” refers to betting and “Matka” is the pot like utensils in which all numbers are kept and shuffled out of which numbers of drawn out eventually. Betters or gamblers bets on any one of the numbers in the pot and the winner whose number strikes is declared as the winner and is offered the title of King along with the winning money. With day by day increasing popularity the time-honored Satta Matka was renamed as Satta king.

A Brief Insight into Origin of Satta Matka

The evolution of post independence era, Satta matka was then called as 'Ankada Jugar which over the time evolved as Satta Matka. The game of random selection of numbers and putting money thereon was initially practiced in 1950 by merchants on opening and closing rates of cotton. The fibre cotton produced in the country was finally exported to New York Cotton exchange with Bombay Cotton exchange playing the role In India.

Sooner in a decade, New York stock exchange in 1961 debarred the conventional betting practice as a result gamblers looked up and strived for new and equally magnetic game to keep the spirits of Satta Matka alive. In 1961, a grocery shop owner, Kalyanji Bhagat founded Kalyan Worli Matka which unlocked the doors of gambling realm for poor people too with no minimum bar over the staking amount. Even Rs 1 stake was permitted during the age. In the subsequent years, approximately in 1964 Ratan Khatri restarted the New Worli Matka with few amendments in the norms of the game. The two Matka running houses, Kalyanji Bhagat Matka and Ratan Bhagat Matka kept their gambling platform open 24/7 and 6 days a week respectively with Cheak Faridabad Result 2020.

With the more and more establishment of textile business in Mumbai which was earlier known as Bombay, the participation of mill workers mounted in Matka gambling. Consequently bookies settled around the regions of mill and this is how Central Mumbai became as the core of hub of Matka or gambling. Amid 1980’s Matka business was at its all time boom with the business of over 500 crores every month. Post boom phase came the tremors for the bookies as then illegal practice of Satta Matka was invaded and raided over and over again by the Mumbai Police causing huge damage to the gambling industry which was forcibly moved to the states in the proximity of Mumbai like Rajasthan, Gujarat etc.

After almost crashing of business for bookies, after decades and with the introduction of digital age bookies found new and sturdier platform for their gambling instinct and passion via online lottery system. Which was again hampered by police as betting was practiced in Cricket matches affecting the result of the match and hammering the goodwill of the country. The Satta market shook up more with the murder of son of Kalyanji Bhagat in 2008 and this is when complete shutdown of Satta Bazaar was observed.

Over the years, Satta Matka emerged again from the scratch and regained its popularity and now is famous as Disawar, Gali, New Faridabad, Gaziabad Result Record 2020 etc. For more info about Satta Matka scroll down below -

Types of Satta King

The core and objective of all Satta King are almost same however norms governing them create the difference along with their names obviously. There are no types of Satta King, it is city, place, name and people in commanding position have marked difference as different people have fabricated distinct satta king giving them different names. Gali , Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Dishawar Result Chart 2020 etc are the various line up of satta king played at different places by distinct people. Following are list of most renowned online satta games played here in India -

  • ★ Disawar
  • ★ Gali
  • ★ Ghaziabad
  • ★ Faridabad

Amongst the Satta games with overseas origin, Dubai King is most popular.

Playing Guidelines of Satta King Bettors

Satta King is the game of numbers categorically, however lucky number doesn’t brings you reward always, so stop being superstitious. Check out below tips to play Satta King Online and some important terminals having significant role in it -

  • ★ The wagers bet on any of the natural number till 99 (00-99)
  • ★ You should be aware of the Khaiwal of the area as you are supposed to contact him.
  • ★ Khaiwal is the meddling link between operator of the game and gamblers who does the job of collection of money and communicating about the number chosen by the better.
  • ★ Thereafter at predetermined time, Satta King Company declares the winning number through online shuffling and selection.
  • ★ Khaiwal claims the rewarded money from the company and hands over to the winning bettor.
  • ★ It is being anticipated that if you win, you would get 90 times of stake of money taken by the bettor.
  • ★ Those losing the Satta don’t get anything in return but there is always next time and you can always win.

Anticipated Returns from Satta king

Profitability is way high than bank interest or in other ventures you think are highly lucrative as 90 times of returns over the investment is offered as winning amount. For instance if a bettor bets ten rupees, the reward would be nine hundred rupees. To calculate winning amount multiply the betting sum with 95. Have a look at below for clear cut ideas -

  • If you invest Rs 50, your winning amount would be RS 50 x 95 = 4750
  • Winning sum would be 90,000, if your bet Rs 1000.

This is to inform you that you are always at the edge of winning and losing, so it is advised to you to bet affordable amount that should not affect you and your loved ones state of wealth. No restriction is laid down as regard as the number of times one can play and bet on any number.

Inside Out of Satta King Online Gaming

In comparison to age-old Satta King, online Satta King is much easier to understand as well as play. Also it enjoys higher degree of transparency and is far safe as locating bookies playing online is hard nut to crack for the cops. Yet again, we loud and clearly like to state hereby that as per Indian law any type of betting in Satta King Online is illegal and those found guilty may have to pay big price in terms of penalty and custody of Indian police

What to do to Play Satta King ?

Low investment and high returns are probably the two reasons of escalating popularity of this game. You do not have to make huge investment as regard as infrastructure for the game is concerned. All you need to have a desktop system or laptop, cell phones and a good wifi connection to avoid low signal which is definitely not good in your interest.

To plat Satta King online, down the application from Google play and get it installed. You can then go on to play the most all the rage game of betting, Satta King.

Is it Profitable Venture Only?

Every coin has two aspects i.e heads and tail and likewise act of betting in Satta king has its pros and cons. If you are lucky enough then you may go on to win always but believe me possibilities of winning always are very low.

Probability = chances of winning / total number of possibilities

= 1/100

So, seeing the above equation, possibility of winning is 1 out total number of chances which are 100. Despite of having very little possibilities of winnings, it is most popular game that has made the fortune of millions. At the same time money on stake has ruined the life of numerous again. The total money invested is given to the winner.

Satta king - The Game of Fortune

There have been mixed views about the Satta game. As per few it is a game of fortune where as some calls it as sheer satta. As the result is declared online and slip is taken out not in front of betters, credibility and sincerity in the game is little less in this game.

Comprehensive Details About About Satta King

Although these are all kinds of Satta but have some core dissimilarities. The popular Disawar, Gali, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon etc have different percentage to bet on. Bookies from all over India play games with Broker who in exchange of bet on any number of any amount gives slip of the amount you would win on getting the favorable result. Results would be declared on numerous sites on internet. Not just the result of the day but a Satta Result Chart is maintained by the company on internet which reveals the details of results of past.

Techniques to Overcome Obsession with Satta King Game

Addiction or obsession with gambling has given hard times to many financially as well as mentally. Game can be played anytime and from anywhere without any limit to the money to be put on bet. With the easy accessibility and daily Satta King being held, the possibility of earning increases but at the same time level of risk also increases. There is actually no formula to overcome the addiction of Satta King but spending more time with friends and family or focusing on other means to make money are the only tools to kick of addiction. Understanding gravity of happiness of your family and commitment to not to drag them into trouble and keep them safe can only help you to give away addiction. Put small amount on stake as ₹ 100 or ₹ 10 as it would not risk your happiness and put you at greater risk and this is how gradually you can overcome your addiction.

Reason for Popularity of Satta King in India

  • ★ Increasing unemployment in India.
  • ★ High percentage of profit involved though it is uncertain.
  • ★ Greed of people to earn for luxury and rich lifestyle.
  • ★ Scope of high percentage of profit as no bar is levied over the money to be invested.
  • ★ No heavy expense over infrastructure is needed.

Modes of Result of Satta king

Reasons for Popularity of Satta King in India - Addiction to this game is quite common and over millions of men and women are found of booking despite of knowing the uncertainty attached to the gambling game of satta. Betting daily is no big deal as instinct to recover the loss or earn profit never settles down with the Gali Result Previous 2020, Faridabad,Dishawar , Gaziyabad etc famous games. Desperation is quite obvious with context to result which is declared at fixed time of the day daily or weekly or fortnights as the case may be.

Timings of the result may be seen below-

  • Disawar Satta King Result - 5:25 AM
  • Faridabad Satta King Result - 6:15 PM,
  • Gaziyabad Satta King Result - 8:35 PM
  • Gali Satta King Result open at 11:35 PM.

To know the result of the satta game, either confirm the result with khaiwal or search on Google. Many websites declares result online but with slight delay. However many agencies offer declares result on whats app too.

Leak Number in Satta king- is it Trusts Worthy?

Leak number of satta game is like spilling the beans in advance about the number to be declared in result which is done by some of the companies to assist the bettors to win the prize money. But honestly nothing can be said about these leak numbers and off course those agencies making predictions about the number to be declared in lottery.

To trace such companies or individuals that provide information or predict the leak number for Satta of any day, browse on Google and search for satta king leak number. The search result would bring up line up of many ads of individuals and companies claiming to be precise in forecast of Satta King lead Jodi numbers from 00 to 99. Be careful as it is important for you to be aware of that these people providing leak number charge handsome amount before you contact them which could be some percentage in the winning price or a fixed amount irrespective of the outcome of the betting. Risk is again involved so diligently avail their services. It is just a trap for bettors to make money netted by leak number providing companies.

Chances of Becoming Rich in Satta King

It is quite evident from the history that Gambling has unlocked the doors of fortune for many and has brought many on road or has made many bankrupt. Satta king or gambling involves high degree of risk and though the chances of winning is low, many have built the sturdy platform under their feet with the most easiest mode of making money in which in short span you can make hell of money even beyond your imagination.

You can easily earn money with Satta King and become rich provided you know in and out of game thoroughly. Luck also play key role in the game which is again not in hand of any of the bettors. Only those with the in-depth knowledge of the game and proper strategy would aid you to earn consistently. We would still suggest you to bet only surplus money which even you lose don’t cause devastating change in your life.

Legal or Illegal

In some parts of the world, Satta King Game is legal however in India its legality is at the discrete of government of respective states. In India it is illegal practice in almost all states and those found culprit may be sentenced to imprisonment or may be levied high penalty. Conversely it is still played all over India.

Penalty Over Satta King

This is a legally sanctioned game in many parts of the globe but in India it is illegal. The Bookie may have to pay penalty of any amount which court decides and verdict of imprisonment may extend minimum from 6 months to maximum 3 years.


The website is being fabricated by us for the information about the company. We are neither co-partner nor have any association with the satta company. Our job has been creating the site only. We hold no responsibility for the amount you lose in the event of betting by you.